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This Incredible Goan- Portuguese -Icelandic artiste is one of a kind.   Leoncie  has been described as an Unpredictable,Volcanic Dynamite Cocktail.  Shes also known by  artist  names INDIAN PRINCESS LEONCIE, and ICY SPICY LEONCIE.  She has performed in many different countries, and sings in several  different languages.  English,  Hindi, Icelandic, Danish, Arabic &  Konkani. Leoncie has got a great sense of Humour and one can hear it in some of her songs, whether it is in English, Icelandic, Danish or Indian.

Leoncie describes Goa as a Paradise Island.  Coconut & Cashew Trees, Jack-fruit and  Mango trees,Custard Apples, Papayas- all sorts of delicious fruits etc.These are all her favourite fruits, considering that she spent quite a while in Goa.   Huge Lobsters, Crabs, excellent variety of Fish  and Crustaceans.   Exquisite beaches, golden sands, unbeleivably beautiful landscape, which everyone loves, a terrific climate and it' s so dreamy Hmmmmm.. Goa  with it's exquisite, Churches, Temples, Beaches, Museums, wildlife sanctuaries is so devastatingly beautiful,  nothing compares to GOA.   The place  is god-made Paradise.

Leoncie is a like a Fiery Sauce of Ripe Goan Chillies and an Exciting kick of Strong Cashew Feni.   

She is also an expert at confusing people and enjoys every second of it.           

 Leoncie began her musical studies at the very early age of 5.  Her father being  a professional musician  began teaching  her to read, write and play classical and jazz music.  The Piano, to be followed shortly after by her studies with the Trinity College of Music-London.  As she grew a bit older, Leoncie started playing the electric organ and  singing in the Catholic church choir  in India for all the masses and weddings etc.

Sight reading was one of Leoncie' s strongest points, and later on she was singing and performing with bands all over India  and Abroad, until she went Solo. Leoncie has studied  music through the Trinity College Of Music, London, and is a professional singer-musician-composer and producer.

Leoncie is a genius at writing lyrics which have such  passion , impact and also plenty of humour. She writes Catchy Melodies and Unforgettable Lyrics. Having discovered a long time ago that she'd been gifted with this wonderful quality which made people laugh, and gave her immense pleasure as well, she has written funny lyrics in some of the songs that she writes, in English, Danish, Goan and Icelandic.*

Her  second Album-CD  was ......STORY FROM BROOKLYN.   Leoncie  sang"HAVE FAITH"   Title song in the Czech Film  A Friend For Rainy Weather 2. which  was released in Czechoslovakia, and shown in many film theatres around Europe.     The Cd-with the same title was also released the same day.   It's a must -see film.

STORY FROM BROOKLYN, was recorded, mainly in England,  Prague and also in Iceland. Some of the songs were recorded in spring 1991, and some more in Prague in  January 1992, when Leoncie went all the way from Iceland to Czechoslovakia to   record it.   Prague's a wonderful place, says Leoncie.  It' s a truly  unforgettable Experience.

 The rest was done in the way that Leoncie sung her vocals in Reykjavik, sent them to her Engineer on a DAT  cassette,  then he sampled her voice into the Multitrack and gave the songs a Final mix. The result, a lovely album. Title Song in the film -A Friend For Rainy Weather  2, was written in collaboration with her Engineer/Musician- Eddie Parma Jr. It was great working with Eddie. He was always enthusiastic. Give this a shot...try this, try that.Boy! What a personality.


LEONCIE   comes from a family of Professional Musicians, and has a Wealthy Musical Heritage. She's also had plenty of Strong Discipline whilst growing up. I'm a Serious Singer/Musician/Composer when I'm working in the recording  studio and I don't want anything to do with Racists, Junkies,Drunks or Satanists.   Leoncie is a devout christian and credits the Lord Almighty for both the ability and the powerful inspiration to create her music. Her goal as an artist is to bring happiness and laughter into people's lives through the tremendous songs she creates. The positive, fan mail she receives continuosly, testifies to the fact that she is acheiving her goal.

" My parents have every reason to be proud of me and all the success I've achieved till today, all on my very own. My father did'nt go kissing the governments ass to spend tax payers money on me, like other fathers in Iceland are doing all the time."  My life has been a hard, long battle, from India to Iceland, and I challenge anyone in this country, who is living off-tax-payers money, anywhere, at any time,  on any stage in the world, to prove how great they really are without  bribing journalists with brennivin booze etc. to support them.

Neither Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, or Justin Timberlake, ,abuse me or send hateful crap. They don't live off the American tax-payers money either. They don' t need to, because their records sell. They do not  send their families to the record stores to buy their own records either, just so that they can be in the charts.

I can only tell my enemies, if you focus on yourself, cut out your prejudice, you'll succeed too.


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Amcho Mog  

Mr December     


Indian Who Didn't Take No