Photograph taken around
1986 of the first public meeting at Azad Maidan,
Panjim when goans from all over the State turned out
to demand Konkanim as the official language.
Photo Courtesy Lui Godinho

Your A, B, C in Konknni

SoundSpellingIn these Sample WordsKonkani WordTranslation
AAahAlbert, Ardent, (Arabic:Al Baker)AmbotSour
BBahBahrain, BarbadosBaraTwelve
CCeCenter, CemetaryCelestinoCelestino(Name)
CHHard "Ch" soundChair, ChampionCharFour
ChSoft "Ch" soundNo equivalent in EnglishPanchFive
Dhard "DD" soundDrum, DaringGaddoCart
DhSoft "D"TheDantTooth
DHHard "THE" soundNo equivalent in EnglishDhunvorSmoke
D'DDouble "D" sound"No equivalent in EnglishGod'doMarble
EAye! April, AlienEkOne
EAirElevator, entranceEkvottantUnity
FFahFar, FarmFaleaTomorrow
GhGhah(Hard sound)Ghost(with much more emphasis on GH)GhanttBell
HHah (Very soft H)HarpHatHand
JJahLike the french "Je" in JacqueJezuJesus
KhKhahRo"ck", Arabic word:"Kh"alidKhattBed
LLahLondon, LimaLambTall
L'LDouble "L" soundI"ll"iterateDil'liDelhi
LLhard "L" soundNo english equivalentdolloeye
MMahMaterialMataroOld Man
NNahNull, NuptualsNatuGrandson
OOhOperation, OpportunityOntorloDied
OAweAs in:Awful,AwkwardOpmanInsult
PPahPolice, PalacePonnosJackfruit
QKahQuit, QualityQuepem(Name of district in Goa)
RRahRapid, RadioRamponnFishing Net
SSahSaturn, SaltSoponnDream
TTahTatoo, PotatoMottoFat
tSoft T soundToge"th"er, Ma"th"TambdoRed
UOoohClue, BlueUdokWater
VVahValentine, VictoryVimanAirplane
W Note: Used quite infrequently; when used, pronounced like "V" as in Victor, not "W" as in Water--
XShahSharp, ShapeBhaxaLanguage
YYahYellow, Yard(Not commonly used in Konknni)-
ZZahZebra, ZenithGozalconversation,chat

Now your ready to start with my lessons :


Contact the Tutor(s)

Name: Jaime X. D'Mello
Address: 9221 Sierra Rd, Woodbury, MN 55125, U.S.A.
Email:  jdemell_2000@yahoo.com

My Background:

I grew up speaking Konkani in my home(1961-1980) in Moira, Bardez, Goa. Since I left Goa, my Konkani has been dying a slow death. I am working to change that. Most of my Konkani came from informal spoken Konkani. I am not a Konkani expert by any means.

I consider this opportunity to tutor in Konkani a privilege and service to my mother tongue. I look forward to learning from you as much as I anticipate sharing what I know and love. It may not all be perfect, but it comes from the heart. Please contact me with any corrections, questions or suggestions.


Goa grieves the loss of Rev Fr Freddy J da Costa

This page is intended to give you some basics in the native and official language of Goa, India. The information available here is not intended to make you an expert nor is in any way a substitute for any formal language training. The Konkani language is written in both the Roman script and Dev Nagri script. Konkani presented here is in the Roman Script.

For starters, my approach will be to present some essential Konkani words, Phrases and expressions that will give a flavor of the language and might help you out on your next trip to Goa. This is a purely voluntary effort on my part so I cannot promise how far, how soon and in what direction this page will go. What I do promise is that, if you are new to Konkani or know very little of it, it will give you a quick and dirty start on the language. Since I live and breathe American English for the most part , do not be surprised to see some strange sounding expressions or spellings in English. I will make an effort to minimize those to the extent possible. Hopefully you will be motivated to learn more and explore the Konkani language beyond what will be presented here.

So relax, put your feet up and enjoy!!


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