Konkan Railway


Towards Train Name


To Train No

Days on KR Route


Jan-Shatabdi Express LTT(Kurla) Madgaon 2051 Except wed
Madgaon LTT(Kurla) 2052 Except wed
Konkankanya  Express CST Mumbai Madgaon 0111 Daily
Madgaon CST Mumbai 0112 Daily
Mandavi Express CST Mumbai Madgaon 0103 Daily
Madgaon CST Mumbai 0104 Daily


Matsyagandha Express LTT (Kurla) Mangalore 2619 Daily
Mangalore LTT(Kurla) 2620 Daily


Netravati Express LTT(Kurla) Ernakulam 6345 Daily
Ernakulam LTT(Kurla) 6346 Daily
Rajdhani Express Nizamuddin Trivandrum


Mon, Wed

Trivandrum Nizamuddin 2431 Wed,Fri
Mangala Express Nizamuddin Ernakulam 2618 Daily
Ernakulam Nizamuddin 2617 Daily
Trivandrum Express Hapa Trivandrum


Happa Express Trivandrum Hapa 6334 Tue
Nagarcoil Express Gandhidham Nagarcoil 6335 Mon
Gandhidham Express Nagarcoil Gandhidham 6336 Fri
Ernakulam Express Okha Ernakulam 6337 Tue,Sun
Okha Express Ernakulam Okha 6338 Thu,Sat
Poorna Express Pune Ernakulam 1097 Sun
Ernakulam Pune 1098 Tue
Marusagar Express Jaipur Ernakulam 2978 Sat
Ernakulam Jaipur 2977 Mon
Trivandrum Express
Jodhapur Trivandrum 6311 Thu
Trivandrum Jodhpur 6312 Sun

                                                        OTHER EXPRESS TRAINS AT MADGAON STATION

Train Name

Train No. Frequency
Hazarat Nizamuddin - Vasco Goa Express 2780 Daily
Vasco - Hazarat Nizamuddin Goa Express 2779 Daily
Yeswantpur - Vasco Express


Wed ,Sat
Vasco - Yeswatpur Express


Vijayawada - Vasco Express


Tue, Fri
Vasco - Vijayawada Express



                                                                          PASSENGER TRAINS                                     

Train Name

Train No.


Mangalore - Verna Mangalore  KR1 / KR2


Karwar - Madgaon Karwar  KAM1 / KAM2


Dadar - Ratnagiri Dadar  KR3 / KR4


Diva-Sawantwadi - Madgaon - Sawantwadi - Diva  KR5 ,KR7 / KR6 ,KR8


Train route extended to Hapa

Train No 6333/6334 Rajkot-Trivandrum-Rajkot Express has now been extended to Hapa in Gujarat. The train will now be recognised as Hapa-Trivandrum-Hapa Express.

The KR-2 UP/593 Mangalore-Margao train will leave Canacona at 12.25 hrs and will be reaching Margao at 13.50 hrs. KAM-2 UP Karwar-Margao train will leave Canacona at 6.26, Balli at 6.40 and will be reaching Margao at 7.10 a.m.
(Gaspar Almeida)

All trains depart from Londa & Miraj as conversion of gauge is underway in the State.

Goa Express/Mahalaxmi Express - Londa*Miraj*Bombay 16:00 hours
Rani Chennama Express - Londa*Banglore 19:35 hours
Mahalaxmi Express/Sahyadri Express - Miraj*Bombay 20:40 hours
Londa-Mumbai Miraj link for Mahalazmi Express - 14:55 hrs
Mumbai Express Train Departures Margao - 1825 hours
Margao-Mangalore Express (dep. from Margao) - 8:15 hrs
Margao-Mangalore Passenger (dep. from Margao) - 14:10 hrs

Railway Reservations
Margao - Tel :  723950
Vasco - Tel :  512833, 512398
Panjim - Tel : 232169
Konkan Rly - Tel : 235054

Below are some of the timings of Konkan Railway trains, picked up from a brochure available for three rupees at the KR station at Karmali (formerly called the Old Goa Station). This time-table is dated May 1, and one might add that there have been reports of lengthy train delays these days. Anyway, the timings are:

* From Bombay to Goa and vice versa: Train number 0111DN From V.T.Station in Bombay (now called CS Terminal) to Margao Departure at 10.30 pm and arrives at Margao at 10.15 am the next day. Stops at Pernem, Tivim, Karmali (Old Goa) and Margao. RETURN TRIP is number 0112UP from Margao to VT Station Leaves Margao at 6.25 pm and arrives in Bombay at 6.35 am next day. Stops at Karmali (Old Goa), Tivim and Pernem.

* From Delhi to Trivandrum via Goa, the Rajdhani Express (2432DN): Leaves Delhi (Nizamuddin station) on Wednesdays and Thursdays 11 am. Touches Margao at 1.05 pm the next day. Very few stops enroute: at Panvel, Ratnagiri, Sawantwadi, and Margao. From there, train goes on to Kankanadi (near Mangalore), Ernakulam and Trivandrum, now officially called Thiruvananthapuram at 5.30 am next day. RETURN TRIP leaves Trivandrum every Friday and Saturday at 7.30 pm and touches Margao at 12.05 the next noon. You will be in Delhi by 1.50 pm a day later, going by the official time-table. It is number is 2431UP.

* From Bombay (Kurla station) to Kerala (Ernakulam) via Goa: Netravathi Express Leaves Kurla at noon, and touches Karmali/ Old Goa at 9.52 pm same night, and Margao at 10.27 pm. Stops in Goa only at these two halts. Return trip is the 6636 UP Netravathi Express, leaving Ernakulam at 04.45 am and touching Margao at 7.25 pm, Karmali/ Old Goa at 8.03 pm and Bombay the next morning at 5.35 am.

* From Bombay (Dadar) to Ratnagiri ... the slow passenger train that stops everywhere: KR 3 DN leaves Dadar at 3.30 pm. But it will take you till Ratnagiri only, outside the northern border of Goa, dropping you there are 11.05 pm at night.

* Connecting Ratnagiri to Karwar is a passenger train KAR 1 DN Leaves Ratnagiri at 1.20 pm, touches Pernem at 5.05 pm, Tivim at six pm, Karmali/Old Goa at 6.19 pm, Verna at 6.39 pm, Majorda at 6.54 pm, Seraulim at 7.04 pm, Margao at 7.20 pm, Bali at 7.45 pm, Canacona just after eight pm.

FARES: Margao to VT in Bombay between Rs 141 (for mail express) to around nine hundred fifty rupees for a two-tier air-conditioned ticket. Margao to Mangalore is Rs 47 for passenger trains to Rs 94 for mail or express trains. Please note: Under the old British style of numbering trains, those going away from the capital (in this case, southwards) are called DOWN or DN trains. Those going towards the north are called UP trains. Please send any correction/updates to Email : fred@bom2.vsnl.net.in

POSTSCRIPT: Kurla-Mangalore Express 2619DN/2620UP has been introduced as a daily service from July 1. Margao-Mangalore and back trains stand cancelled from July 15 "due to poor patronage" says an official announcement.

The Netravati Express -- which once linked Bombay and Cochin via Gulbarga, Guntakal, Erode, Coimbatore -- will now run on the Konkan Railway. And the journey to Kerala will now be reduced by more than 500 km and 10 hours.

The train will run via Thane, Panvel, Ratnagiri, Chiplun, Old Goa, Madgaon, Cancona, Karwar, Kumta, Murdeshwar, Bhatkal, Kundapura, Udipi, Surathkal, Kankanadi (Mangalore), Kasargode, Kangakad, Cheruvathu, Payyanur, Kannapuram, annanore, Tellicheri, Badagar, Calicut, Parapungadi, Thirur, Kuttipuram, Shornur, Trichur, Alwaye.

6636 Dn will departs from Kurla, Bombay at 2020 hours and reaches Ernakulum 26 hours later at 14.45. And 6636 Up will depart from Ernakulum at 0445 hours and reaches Kurla at 0535 hours.

The one way fare to Kerala is Rs 312 by sleeper class, Rs 832 by three tier air conditioned class and Rs 1,530 by second air conditioned class. The one way fare to Madgaon, Goa is Rs 208 by sleeper class, Rs 518 by three tier air conditioned and Rs 954 by second air conditioned class.