Goa population now 13.4 lakh


ANAJI: Population of Goa has increased by 14.89 per cent from 1991 to 2001. Goa now has 13,43,998 (March 2001) people as against 11,69,793 in 1991 census.

The latest census showed that India's total population stood at 1,02,70,15,247 thus placing Goa's share in the total population at 0.13 per cent.

Goa's population increased from 4.76 lakh in 1900 to 5.9 lakh in 1960 registering an increase of 24 per cent. At the end of 1960-1971 decade, population rose to 7.95 lakh and touched 10.08 lakh by 1981.

According to census reports, 9,89,362 persons enumerated during the March 2001 census were literate. Of these, 5,44,006 were males and 4,45,356 females. The literacy rate has shot up to 82.32 per cent from 75.51 per cent in 1991. The improvement in male literacy rate over 1991 was to the extent of 5.24 per cent. In the total population of 13,43,998 in Goa, the census figures showed that 1,42,152 were in the 0-6 age-group.

Census Operations Director Pukh Raj Bumb said the history of census in Goa dates back to 1850 whereas records showed that censuses appear to have been organised in the territory from 1881 during the colonial regime. The last census was conducted by the Portuguese regime in 1960, a year before the state was liberated.

The 1971 census was the first census to be conducted by the Government of India in Goa. The 2001 census was the fourth in the series and second for Goa after Goa gained statehood in 1987. Census 2001 is the fourteenth in unbroken series since 1872 and sixth after independence. The just-completed census is the world's first census exercise in the 21st century and the new millennium.

Goa with a geographical area of 3,702 sqkm has 359 villages, of which 213 are in North Goa and the rest in South Goa. It has 44 towns -- 27 in North and 17 in South. Of these, fourteen are municipal ones and the rest census.

Bumb said this census puts Goa in the fourth slot among all States and Union territories in India as against fifth in 1991 census as far as literacy percentage was concerned. At the national level, he said, the growth percentage in population was 21.34 per cent, while in Goa it remained 14.89 per cent.